China Admission and Scholarships

We'd love to help you win scholarships to study in China

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Scholarships Service

BeroElimu ensures ease of scholarship application and helps candidates find suitable programs in relation to their qualifications. Our services guarantee success of getting the scholarship.

Admission Service

BeroElimu will assist you to prepare and submit the required documents. This service is for self-funding students. BeroElimu will help students to be admitted to top Chinese Universities.


BeroElimu is dedicated to providing quality services to candidates who seek to apply for admission and scholarships to top class Chinese Universities.
BeroElimu will ensure ease of scholarship application and help candidates find suitable programs in relation to their qualifications.
Our aim is to help candidates with qualifications to be able to study in China.

Easy Process

BeroElimu, after receiving your application documents, will assist you to make your documents outstanding and replace unqualified materials. BeroElimu will do all processes and follow-ups.
Once BeroElimu receives your admission letter directly from the university, we will e-mail you a scanned copy of it and post the letter to you via DHL.

Application Process

Fill out application forms
Upload required documents
Consultation with BeroElimu
Pay Application Fee
Pay Service Fee
Receive Admission Letters

2019 Application Status

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Qualified Applicants
Processed Application
Applicants won Scholarships

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